Virtual Endurance Championship 8 hours of Indianapolis - Another brick in the... brickyard

Aggiornamento: 9 apr 2021

Division 1 #252 - Fast learning rookies

Awesome qualifying for the #252 driven by Davide Arduini, started in 3rd position, but after a not so perfect first quarter of race he left the car to Filippo Caneo on the edge of top 5. Our strategy was to recover all lost positions by doing one pit stop less than our opponents, but an accident with an LMP2 at the fourth hour destroyed our Division 1 rookie dream. After the long repair time, Arduini jumped onboard again and tried to recover some time, but he didn't manage to do that due to some mistakes. In the end Marco Slanzi brought the car safely at the checkered flag, finishing the race in 16th position. Not the result we wanted, but it means we will try harder for next race at Sebring.


Divison 1 #83 - Bad start means bad result

Another missed opportunity to make a good result. Qualifying not very good, Leonardo Pupo put the car in 13th position. The race pratically ended in turn 1, an incident with another car forced us to repair some damage losing several minutes in the pits. A mistake we paid dearly for. Francesco Morante and Pupo tried to recover as much as possibile but we had to settle for the 18th place.

#SempreSoloDGS #VECIndianapolis