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Hat trick for DriveGameSeat RT at the 4 hours of Suzuka by SRM

Aggiornamento: 16 dic 2020

A perfect qualifying for all the 4 DriveGameSeat Racing Team cars, with the pole position of the #55 driven by Davide Arduini (1:55.858) followed by the #84 (Daniele Vidimari), third place for the #56 (Samuele Cavagnino) and finally a forth place for the #83 (Alessandro Appolloni).

The race started also very well with the 4 cars gaining a reasonable gap in the first 10 laps. During the second hour sadly the #83 suffered from heavy damages after a crash and was forced to enter the pits for repairs, the #84 and the #55 remained very close in fight all the race long, with the #55 gaining the first position after a faster pitstop and winning the race.

The #83 managed to climb back in third place, the #56 instead was forced to retire after a techinal issue which caused the engine to break.

Final results:

1° #55 Davide Arduini & Filippo Caneo

2° #84 Daniele Vidimari & Leonardo Pupo

3° #83 Alessandro Appolloni & Francesco Morante

DNF #56 Samuele Cavagnino & Marco Slanzi

#SempreSoloDGS #HatTrick

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