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Enosia Gaming F1 Race 2 Hungary - Safety Chaos

It's a debut for Simone Casciaro in the french championship called "Enosia Gaming Organisation", driving the Alfa Romeo.

The qualifying does not go well: our driver will start the race only in 14° position.

A strategic choice, though, as the choice was not to start with Soft tyres in order to gain positions during the race. It works, but not as expected: after the first lap, due to a big accident between 5 cars, Simone is P17, 60" behind the leaders. He's able to reach the top 8 and then the SC comes out. The race continues linearly, until the second SC that coincides with the arrival of the rain. The SC brings with her the chaos in the track, many penalties and many wing-damages arrived. In the final part of the race, Simone is stuck in the traffic, not able to overtake his rival, finishing the race in P6. After the post-race penalties Simone reaches the P5!

Next round, on tuesday, it's a home race: Monza.

#SempreSoloDGS #DGSconsole

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