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e-Racing Series Formula Tatuus Round 2 - Half disaster

Not a lucky race for Lorenzo Emili and Alberto Casalena at Hockenheim. After a good quali for Lorenzo, that put his #19 in P4 and a solid one for Casalena, that placed in P10, Emili had a great start, gaining a place after lap 1 while Casalena tried to keep his top 10 placement.

At the end of the first stint, Lorenzo tried to stay ahead of an opponent that used the strategy of overcut for gaining an advantage. It began an awesome battle for the podium but in the last lap, after Lorenzo passed the other driver with a great maneuver, he lost the position again because he was hit by a lapped car, ending the race without the front wing in P4. Casalena instead after the pit got involved in a battle with two opponents, but unluckily because of cold tires he made a mistake that made him crash and lost all the good work made during the race. At the end he brought the car to the finish line in 21st position.

Next race at Istanbul Park, hoping for more luck!


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